It’s 2022 and the Yuletide is already upon us. The Game Zone is open and Professor Subzero has locked all stereo dials to horrific holiday radio. Follow me, dear listeners, as we run to victory, exposing our oppressors for their greed and manipulation, and reveal to the world that not all Christmas music is the worst thing you’ve ever heard!

I bring you as glad as tidings can be, and a sack full of listenable Christmas tunes: many new, some old, and all joyous in one way or another. Slap a PARENTAL ADVISORY sticker on this mix, though, it’s got lots of cuss words that would never make it on the actual airways.

Personally, it’s been an interesting year, full of great successes, great challenges, and great music. You won’t hear much of that here, but don’t turn away - at least it’s “Pretty OK.” Hoping your year was pretty OK too, listener, and that your holidays are even better.

Season’s greetings,
Patrick / Boogerbear