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  • AT Day 49: Welcome to Virginia

    At first when I realized this was day 49 I thought, “Dang, I should’ve waited another day to send an update for a nice round number,” but day 49 is better than I thought. Back when I first resolved I’d hike the AT, a more experienced outdoorsman friend of mine took me out on what I consider my first “shake down” trip and the first of several wake-up calls. Out at Lake Georgetown, on the first freeze of the year, my hands cold and jeans soaked through, he assured me - as if I couldn’t tell - I had a lot to do still before I’d be ready. Later, after I’d done some growing, he also told me “If you can last six weeks, you can last six months” Well, we’re through week 7 and showing no signs of stopping.

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  • AT Day 27: Exiting The Great Smoky Mountains


    Many of you know this already, but the Smoky mountains are a major part of my inspiration to take on the Appalachian Trail. My family and I visited in the summer of 2009, a transitive time for me (the year of the hole dig, for those in the know), and the first I heard of the AT. Beyond amazing views, crisp waterfalls that broke summer heat, and my first bear encounter, I could feel a magic in the place which I’ve found has not disappeared in the passing years.

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  • AT Day 13: First 'Zero' in Franklin, NC

    Hey all,

    Hope y’all’re well, I know I am! If you have been reading Jason’s blog you have heard a new thing hurts every day, but I say too each day is easier and better than the last.

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  • AT Day 0: The Approach

    Hello all,

    Today is the big day! Atlanta has been a fun, culturally rich, and good-beer-and-music-having place to spend our final pre-trail living, it’s time to go.

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