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  • Now It's Time To Say Goodbye (To My Job)

    Today is my last day at Accenture, fka Headspring. I’ve worked here for 11 years; near a third of my life, near the length of a primary and secondary schooling. And what a schooling it was.

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  • Pretty OK Xmas Mix 2022

    It’s 2022 and the Yuletide is already upon us. The Game Zone is open and Professor Subzero has locked all stereo dials to horrific holiday radio. Follow me, dear listeners, as we run to victory, exposing our oppressors for their greed and manipulation, and reveal to the world that not all Christmas music is the worst thing you’ve ever heard!

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  • Pretty OK Xmas Mix 2021

    Another year has gone by and we find ourselves surrounded by joyous cheer and terrible music. Allow me to offer you more of the former and comfort from the latter with another playlist of “Pretty OK” holiday music alternatives. This year’s mix contains classics you can’t find on streaming, excellent covers, new releases, and just enough oddities to keep the sickos satisfied.

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  • AT Day 185: One Hundred Miles to Summit

    It’s been a hot minute or three since I’ve emailed you. It would be easy to assume, as with previous updates, I’ve been to busy walking to get my thoughts together. At first I did not want to write this final post, but over time I realized it was unfair to leave my story without an end.

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