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Lattice-Tailed Trogon

Sculpture of a green bird with red breast and black wings perched on a branch made of cardboard from different beer boxes

The lattice-tailed trogon is a tropical bird native to Costa Rica and Panama, made as a gift celebrating a trip to the former. Another more detailed work, and first I've done 'perched' instead of free standing - I like it, how about you? This was made from plain corrugated cardboard, Lone Star, Southern Tier 2xOne, and St. Arnold White Noise boxes.

📷 Photos by Photos with Gigs

Front view of the same sculpture, showing the hanging 'feathers' over the red breast, the words 'The national' can be seen printed on the red, part of Lone Star's slogan, and the inside tail is black splattered like television fuzz Detail view of the head of the sculpture, the beak is yellow, protruding from an extra piece of green cardboard, also with men on unicycles woven into the green pattern of the beer box Detail view of the back of the sculpture, showing the dark green outside tail feathers featuring 'With Texas' printed on one feature, as well as printed hops on the upper wings, the word 'malt' is also visible on the back of the branch Back