Patrick McVeety-Mill:

Loud & Abrasive

Positivum spirituum, utile iubilo

our author: a young-ish man in a pink rhinestone suitcoat wearing aviator eyeglasses with sunglass flip-ups donning a jovial smile

Patrick McVeety-Mill is a professional software consultant and amateur many other things, originally from and currently residing in Austin, TX. After a frigid foray in academics at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Patrick has since worked at Headspring delivering tip-top code, collaborating and mentoring his team, and keeping clients satisfied. He is also the host of their podcast on people and technology, OK Human.

Behind the keyboard, Patrick works with a spread of technologies from coding classics like C# and hep javascript frameworks, to Dev-Ops and automation in the cloud, particularly with Azure. He’s an F# hobbyist and applies functional concepts to make code cleaner at the day job. No matter the tools, he’s as engaged in learning and sharing as in doing.

Away from the keyboard, Patrick makes cardboard sculptures, swims, bowls, cycles, backpacks, enjoys live music, and shoots the breeze over beers with friend, family, and stranger. Give him a shout via the social medias linked in the footer.