My modest portfolio of recent side projects and prideworthy leftovers from my college daze.

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  • Vet My Venue Web App

    Vet My Venue

    Vet My Venue is a web app for musicians to search for and judge venues to perform at. Users can also rate venues to encourage other musicians to play, or warn of a location's problems. It leverages location data from Foursquare for its search tool and venue metadata, but otherwise calculates and tracks ratings internally.

    I built it ground-up and cloud-first, with an MVC.NET web app driven by data in Azure SQL and from FourSquare's API. Builds, testing, and deployments were all automated with TeamCity and Octopus Deploy. This project, while ultimately upaid by my non-technical idea-man partner, really helped solidify my understanding of a lot of best practices for simple app architecture, continuous integration, and dealing with impatient clients.

    Check out Vet My Venue live here.

  • Scuba Steve 3D Game

    Scuba Steve 3D

    Steve is an amatuer diver going for a recreational dive with his old friend Jerry, a marine geologist. After initially being exposed to a sprawling, underwater wonderland, things go awry and the duo find themselves trapped in an underwater cave. Jerry is hurt and Steve has to decide what to do with his injured friend, while also preserving his own fate by finding a way out of the claustrophobic tunnels. The prototype focused on the immersion and contrast between the two game environments, while being representative of more involved storyline.

    Two other developers and I built the prototype using Unity3D, with models including the massive cave terrain designed in Maya. While we discussed the possibility of Steve's actions over the course of the game determining his revealed true relationship with Jerry (this was for a graduate course on interactive narrative), we focused our six weeks of development on creating immersive and compelling gameplay and environments.

  • Über Blitz Game

    Über Blitz

    Über Wehrmacht Schnee Blitzen, Über Blitz for short, was a satirical sports game in which tanks participated in an olympic downhill snowboarding event. A final college project, It was developed over the course of three months in C++ with DirectX (3D). Slopes were randomly generated and points were scored for rotations and hitting targets with fired rockets.

    Unfortunately, at this point in my education, I was suffering from sever senioritis and was strongly committed to the belief that I would not be able to work in games upon graduating. I did manage to implement the skyboxes, the scoring system, and HLSL shaders.

    The game also included a "realistic" mode where the tank would just roll down the hill without shredding sick air.

  • Crustacean Frustration Game

    Crustacean Frustration

    Crustacean Frustration is a casual take on real-time strategy where warring factions of crabs and lobsters battle for dominance. Players control a host of aquatic creatures to protect an overweight crustacean from rolling into a "Danger Zone," where it is extracted by a human hand, in an elaborate take on tower defense

    The project was a part of the shaky guinea pig precuror to RIT's MAGIC Center. Our team of 9 developed, recorded, and arted for 20 weeks, using C# and Microsoft's XNA framework in hopes we may find our way into the Xbox Live Indie store. Unfortunately our insistant focus on multiplayer first, difficulties securing workspaces, and poor planning on the part of myself, we ended with a polished and playable, but stripped down version of our game.

    Retrospectively, as the "producer," I should have tapped our mentors more, and pushed a more focused and task-based approach to our work, with limits when issues were taking too long to troubleshoot or features too grandiose. A great learning opporunity, though, and fun (thanks, RIT).

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